Monday, November 19, 2012

Long Beach State

This is the first game preview of what I hope will be a regular thing on the Report.  I intend to provide more information on match ups in the future.  In short, below are comparative statistics for the Cats and the 49ers.  They are organized into five groupings as you will see below.  There are comparisons of offense, defense, rebounding and personnel.

Let's begin with offense. The Cats have the advantage here. Both in terms of shooting percentages and offensive efficiency, Arizona has been much better than Long Beach State.  The most important differences relate to efficiency.  Both in terms of points per shot and points per possession, Arizona is far and away the better team, at least as reflected by the few games played already.  Of course, the 49ers have seen tougher competition, having already played USC and North Carolina, both losses.

If there is anything to be concerned about tonight, it's that Long Beach has the edge on defense.  For example, the Cats have given up 1.3 points per shot compared to 1.1 for the 49ers, and Arizona has also given up more points per possession.  I expect the Cats defense is better than their first two games reflect.  The defensive numbers took a bit of a hit against Charleston Southern.

With regard to personnel, the Cats have the advantage. Although Long Beach is a tall team, with an effective height of about 6'5", Arizona is about an inch taller at all positions, so the advantage is slight.  The Cats are a much bigger team,with about a 20 lbs weight advantage.  The teams are fairly evenly matched in experience, but the Cats are deeper, getting about 70 minutes from the bench compared to 64 for the 49ers. This should be a win.


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