Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Golden Eagles, v.1

The Golden Eagles of Southern Mississippi University are the first of two Golden Eagle teams we will face this year.  Can you name the other?  It's not Marquette.  Last year, the Cats were undefeated before running into another team from The Magnolia State, the Bulldogs of Mississippi State.  Arizona has been on a tear of late, outscoring our first five opponents by 24.5 points.  There is no clear reason why that should change tonight.  That other eagle team?  On December 18, we will face the Golden Eagles of Oral Roberts University.

Notice I have added bench scoring to the preview stats below.  Bench scoring is expressed as a percentage, specifically the percentage of all points that have been scored by the bench.   Of the 15 categories considered below, the Cats have the advantage in 12.  Southern Miss has a slightly better free throw percentage, although the difference is so slight (0.3%) that it can be ignored.   They also have tiny advantage in field goal defense (0.7%).  The only major difference where the Eagles come out on top is experience.  Last game, they started three seniors and two juniors.

The Cats have the advantage where it matters- shooting, offensive and defensive efficiency, rebounding, size, and depth.  The biggest guy who actually gets minutes for Southern Miss is listed as 6'7" and comes off the bench.  Their biggest starters (three of them) are listed at 6'5".  It will be interesting to see how they deal with our bigs.  Unless our guys are looking ahead a couple of games, they should have no problem with this one.

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